A documentary about three skaters and the beginning of pro skateboarding in chicago
A must see piece of Chicago history centered around Chicago's legends. -Uprise
Featuring Jesse Neuhaus
Stevie Dread
Eric Murphy
A film by Wing Ko
A film about pursuing one's passions as life happens View Trailer


Skateboarding lives hard, dies hard and saw its first prominence in Chicago in the early 1990′s. Wing Ko was there documenting Jesse Neuhaus, Steven ‘Stevie Dread’ Snyder and Eric Murphy, sponsored riders for the famed Alva Skateboards at a time when very few Midwestern skaters got recognition by industry-leading West Coast companies.

The Brotherhood: Chicago is more than a film about the love of skateboarding, it's about pursuing one's passion as life happens.


Through the course of his career, Wing Ko has collaborated with a who’s who of modern artists, musicians and filmmakers. He worked with Spike Jonze on several music videos and edited the pilot for MTV’s “Jackass,” which Jonze co-created and executive produced. As a founding member of the innovative production company H-Gun, Wing helped create more than 80 music videos for Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Public Enemy and other top bands of the time. For more than 15 years he crewed skateboard videos and traveled the globe with world-renowned installation artist Doug Aiken, working on his films “Eraser,” “Into The Sun” and “Electric Earth.”

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